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About LaTeX Gloves

LaTeX Gloves is a web app designed to convert handwritten notes to LaTeX code and email it to the user. It was written in Flask and leverages Google's Cloud Vision API for the text detection.

Currently, LaTeX Gloves functions only as web app, but I plan to develop a mobile app where users can take pictures or upload them to the app directly on their phone.

About the Author


Jonathan Tong

I'm a rising senior studying computer science at Cornell. I'm interested in open source projects, full stack development, Rubik's cube, magic tricks, and weight lifting.


Simply take a picture of each page of your notes, sign in with Google, upload it, and check your email! There might be mistakes in the conversion, so be sure to check and correct it before you compile, though.

This app currently supports reading paragraphs and bulleted lists. Aside from improving the text recognition, I plan on adding support for equations and math symbols as well.

Note: If you are uploading multiple pages, make sure the filenames are in alphabetical order so the filename of previous page is alphabetically before. For example, page 1 is named IMG_3231 and page 2 is named IMG_3232.

For best results:

  • Use lined paper
  • Keep letters betwen the lines (i.e. don't let "g" extend too far down)
  • Write in pen (so the writing is darker and thicker)
  • Skip one (preferably two) lines after each paragraph or bullet list element
  • Draw asterisks or hyphens for bullets
  • Put bullets to the right of the margin or use paper without margins

Support Us

If you like this app, please consider supporting us to help cover operating costs! Web hosting, the domain, and machine learning APIs aren't free, and I'd love to expand to include more features on our site, such as a more powerful hosting platform, SSL support, a custom domain email, and more! I'd like to keep this service free, but as a college student, I'm not made of money, and so I'd more than grateful for any contributions you can make!